Rizen Coin Mobile App

- Stake Your Tokens
- Send/ Receive Fund
- Make Payment
- Swap
- Borrow Money
- Get Flash Loan


Rizen has build in staking function by which stakers lock their token forever and get 1% reward from every transactions. So,the more people will stake,the more liquidity will be locked. And supply scarcity will happen. On the otherhand, the more transactions, the more reward for stakers.
(Staking APR : Based on transactions)

1% RZN charge for every transactions
No charge for staking
Unstake will burn your staked tokens.

Best Features

Audit Report

Mobile Wallet

Secure and convenient mobile crypto wallet.


Stake your RZN token, And get 1% reward from every transactions or buy/sell!


You can get free RZN tokens! Just by farming on our platform using USDT, USDC, ETH and DAI! Happy Farming!

Rizen Swap

An easy and fast way to exchange your tokens.


Loan system with standard processes and competitive costs.


A best way to cover your risk by our insurance platform.

Road Map



Team Formation



Development of content
Developers onboarding
Onboarding of chief of operations
Platform Development Progresses



Planning and development of Rizen Coin.
Launch of the Staking Program.
1st Marketing Campaign.
Presale at official telegram group.



Uniswap Liquidity: 100 Rizen Coin.
Listing at: Hotbit, Probit, Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko.
Launch of the Farm Program.



Expand the network.
Launch of the Swap platform.
2nd Marketing Campaign.



Launch of the Borrow platform.
Marketing Campaign.
Listing on the top10 CMCExchanges.



Development of Mobile app for Staking, Swap and Borrow.
Development of E-commerce platform.

Rizen Coin Info

Total Supply: 4159 RZN
RZN Hardcap: 300 ETH
Presale: 2000 RZN.
Burned: 1250 RZN.
Listing: 500.
Marketing: 250.
Development: 500.
Farming: 500.
Team: 400(Burned).
Burned 100% of team tokens + 50% from marketing.
Staking platform is live.

Who is responsible for any flaws happening in the ecosystem?

No one. Because security is provided by Ethereum smart contract.Though We have done audit of our contract for safety. Buying RZN is entirely at your own risk and Rizen Coin is never liable for any losses that may occur when using RZN and our user interface. Please never supply assets you can't afford to lose and consider that nothing on our site, RZN or any other communication channels covers investment advice.

Staking reward can be withdrawn at any time and you can withdraw any amount you want and it will cost you 1% of token.

Staking, Farming, Swap, P2P lending / borrowing, mobile application.

You can't unstake your tokens. If you unstake, you will loss all of your staked tokens. So, never unstake. Staking gives you peace for lifetime.

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